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Pensions and retirement planning

Why should you think of arranging a pension plan?  After all, there is the State pension.  But are you aware of how little that may provide?

The time will come when you want to take things a little easier by working less, and eventually you may wish to stop working completely.  But unless you save money for retirement you are likely to find it difficult to retire in comfort.

Remember, although by the time you retire you should have planned to have your debts paid off, you will have more leisure time.  This means you are likely to continue to need significant income if you are to enjoy retirement.

You can save in a pension plan or make other investments.  The choice is yours.  So what are the advantages of a pension?

Happy Retirement

What types of pension are there?  Follow the links for further information.  

Where is my money invested?

A wide range of investments is available, depending on the pension plan that you arrange.  Contact us to discuss what may be most suitable for you.

When should I start saving?

As soon as possible.  The sooner you start start to save, the more time your pension savings have to grow, and the bigger your pension fund is likely to be when you come to retirement.  Remember, it is not now unusual for people to be spending in excess of 25 years in retirement.  Saving enough from 40 years of work to enable you to live without working for 25 years is hard enough.  It just gets harder if you delay.

How much should I save?

A great deal depends on your individual circumstances.  The later your leave it, the more you will need to save.

What about the disadvantages?

 Contact us to discuss a suitable budget.

And remember, your choice of pension investment is important.  Whilst it is likely that you will do better over longer terms by investing your pension with a degree of risk, the value of ‘risk’ investment can fall as well as rise and you are not guaranteed to get back the full amount that you invested.